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Meet Deb Jensen

I see my work as design in the service of a story.  As a production designer or supervising art director, I work as a visual designer of the story. But, parallel to that, I also work as an architect and set designer of the spaces and as a visual anthropologist of the world.  So, there are three streams that are flowing simultaneously in any work that I do.  The text and my collaborators form the foundation of my design work.


Deborah L. Jensen is a seasoned Supervising Art Director and Production Designer.  She recently completed the HBO Limited Series Scenes From A Marriage, based on the original Ingmar Bergman series, with Designer and longtime collaborator Kevin Thompson. Prior to that, she was the Supervising Art Director with Designer Adam Stockhausen on Steven Spielberg’s monumental West Side Story.  Jensen has worked with Designer Rick Carter on Spielberg’s The Post, with Thompson on Joe Wright’s Woman in the Window and K.K. Barrett on The Goldfinch.  She art directed the acclaimed Coen Brothers film Inside Llewyn Davis with Designer Jess Gonchor, which won the Grand Prix at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.  


Jensen received Art Directors Guild nominations for the Coen features Inside Llewyn Davis, Serious Man and Burn After Reading. She won the Art Directors Guild Award for Excellence in Production Design with Jess Gonchor on No Country for Old Men and Todd Hayne’s Mildred Pierce for HBO.  Jensen was the key set designer on the lab sets for Thompson on The Bourne Legacy and helmed the induction center on Julie Taymor’s Across the Universe


Jensen studied cultural anthropology, theater, and art history at Emory University in its Scholars Program.  She moved to New York to study set design, beginning in downtown and regional theater with Designer Douglas Stein.  She created installations for photographers including Frederic Brenner and Birdie Sun.  Jensen then took her eyes and craft and transitioned to film, seeking collaborations with the masters in the field.

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